I’m Fabio Gabrieli and this is my website! It collects several programs, utilities, ideas on the geotechnical laboratory. It is wonderful a way to share contents with other people having the same topics. Enjoy!



Geotechlab (formally DICEA dept.) is member of the project  “Sistemi di Computer Vision per la Sicurezza Strutturale e la Protezione Civile” in partnership with M3E srl, EPC srl, and Dalla Gassa srl.

The project is granted by the POR FESR 2014-2020 program for research and innovation financed by the European Union, the Italian governement and Veneto Region.

Collaborations and Partners:

GeoTechLab is part of the Granular Research Group:

  • GeoTechLab (Dept. Civil Architectural and Environmental Engineering)
  • APTLab (Dept. Industrial Engineering)
  • PharmaTeG (Dept. Pharmaceutical Science)

Active collaborations with:

Research projects and partners:

  • DOMINO (Dikes and Debris Flow Monitoring by Novel Optical Fiber Sensors)
  • Sistemi di Computer Vision per la Sicurezza Strutturale e la Protezione Civile, POR FESR 2014-2020

Recent articles:

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